Me shotI coach mamas and families in transition to help bring about greater connection, transformation and freedom.

I normally meets with clients, twice a month for one hour, for a length determined in our initial conversations, though I am also willing to do single sessions when needed though I believe coaching is more meaningful and transformative in a long committed coaching relationship.

We can meet by phone, skype or in person. I offer complementary thirty minute sample sessions to see if we would be a good fit.

General topics can be but are not exclusive to:

  • – Searching for greater fulfillment
  • – Wanting to explore and embody more of who they really are and what they are passionate about
  • – Feeling stuck in an area of their life and wanting greater freedom
  • – Wanting to shift from a certain perspective that’s hindering them
  • – Needing a safe space to process grief or emotions

I also offer birth preparation sessions and birth story listening to mamas.  In a study in 2010 by Alcorn, 46% of 933 women reported their births as traumatic (Psychological Med). Traumatic births and challenging births are a pervasive part of our culture.

It can often be challenging to find the right space to process your birth. A lot of mamas are put off by comments such as “just be glad you had a healthy baby.”

I offer a listening, non-judgmental, and validating space for mamas to process their births. I bring my unique familiarity with birth, as a birth doula, and training around traumatic births and birth story listening to aid women in grieving their losses, supporting women to find a new story in their births, and helping them move towards resolution as they wrestle through the challenges of their births.

One-on-one coaching sessions

These are done by phone/Skype, or in-person/home visits are an option if you have a baby under 3 months old.

Service options:
  • Complementary 1 hour sample session – sign up now!
  • Single sessions for specific needs
  • 3 month packages
  • 6 month packages

Discovery Sessions (2 hours)

A guided journey in discovering your core values, your core identity, the strongest parts of yourself, and the areas that hold you back (the discovery session can be stand alone or is often done within the first initial sessions as you work with me)

Birth Preparation Sessions

A safe space to process any emotions or desires and creating a safe space in preparation for your birth – moving beyond fear.

Birth Processing Sessions

A safe space to process your birth, difficult, traumatic or any lingering feelings that need to be expressed, birth story listening- share your birth story & find new perspective as you process. Gain a new perspective on your birth and process it for greater freedom and acceptance.

Would I benefit from a birth story listening session?

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