How is coaching different than counseling or psychotherapy?

Counselors are trained to work with mental illness and are able to diagnose, treat, and potentially prescribe medication for mental illness depending on their background. Counselors are the expert and prescribe a treatment plan for their clients. Coaches believe clients are the expert of their own life and form an alliance with their clients and design their work together as they go. Counselors focus on the past and healing as coaches’ focus on evolving and manifesting potential. Coaches use the skill of accountability to propel client’s forward. Coaches are solution focused and tend towards focusing on external issues. Counselors tend to focus on past and present and coaches focus on present and future.

How is coaching different than mentorship or consulting?

Mentorship and consultants have a power differential in that the mentor or consultant is more experienced and knowledgeable in a specific area and sharing their experience and knowledge with the mentee or client. They are truly experts in their area of expertise and imparting this to their mentees or clients.

Coaches believe the client is the expert of their life and through coaching tools brings forth their clients’ expertise and inner resources. The coach does not offer their opinion but helps the client uncover their own solutions.

What if we begin meeting and I decide I would like to discontinue our work together?

Please give me a 14 day notice, if you would like to discontinue services with me.

What if I need to cancel our session unexpectedly due to illness or an emergency?

Please contact me on my cell phone and let me know if you cannot make our session. Cancellations due to non-emergent reasons will be subject to a $25 fee if not cancelled 24 hours before our session is scheduled.

How do I know if I would benefit from a birth processing session?

Our births are something we can often carry with us for our entire lives due to the significance of the event. It is often hard to find a safe space to process our births without judgment, unsolicited advice, or cliché comments. No matter how long it has been or how the events unfolded if you have any of the following you may benefit from a birth story listening session:

  • You feel the need to share your story and haven’t been able to find a safe enough space to do that
  • Your birth is something that has stuck with you, you think about it often, or have nightmares related to it
  • You feel like something has to be resolved or something about it is lingering with you and needs to be addressed
  • You can only focus on the negative aspects of your birth and want to find a new perspective on it or new story in it
  • You have unresolved grief around your birth, unaddressed losses that were important to you
  • You are ashamed of your story, don’t want to share it with anyone, feel like a failure
  • You notice a physical response (heart pounding, sweating, panic feeling) when you think about your birth