I am passionate about creating safe communities of connection and transformation for mamas! I believe that these safe spaces are powerful arenas to gain support, transform together, and find more freedom and joy.

I facilitate to gently guide the groups towards connection and insight, but I believe the power of these communities is the group and the relief found in realizing we are not alone in our lives or in our experiences.

See below for which groups I’m currently leading:

Mama Bloom 6 Week Series

The Mama Bloom 6-week series is a 6 week closed postpartum group for mamas with babies under 1 year old.

mama bloom postpartum groups nicole mccharen

This series is an intentional series exploring pertinent themes in motherhood and the transition into motherhood. The group will be a safe space for mamas to gain support, connection, community, and greater fulfillment. This is a place a mama can be known and explore who she is as a new mama without judgment.

This group begins with a set group of mamas and stays closed until the 6 weeks are over to help create a “tribe” for these mamas.

Groups meet weekly for 2 hours. The first hour is a connection and catching up time. We also spend time talking about baby questions/ concerns.

The second hour Nicole leads the groups in discussing themes like identity as a new mama, radical self-care, practicing greater presence, perspective, and self-love and compassion.

Expect to finish this series with a greater sense of who you are as a mama and be able to embrace the challenges and joys of motherhood with greater acceptance and ease as well as knowing a new group of mamas in a deeper way.

Location: Birthwise Birth Center, 1709 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78701 Check the ATX Doulas calendar to sign up for the next 6 week series!

Babies under 1 always welcome. Cost is $275.

What are people saying about Mama Bloom?

“Mama Bloom postpartum groups is the second best thing about having a baby! Such a supportive and nurturing space, I feel as if I have grown so much in just over a month and let go of so many  debilitating fears about being the mama and the person I need to be for me and my little one.

“It’s really been a transformative experience for me, one I expect to carry with me for a very long time to come.” ~ Becka Silvert, mama of William

“Because being a first-time mom is such a vulnerable time, I wasn’t sure how I felt about joining a group of moms I didn’t know to share in this stage of life that is still so fresh and new.  I’m so glad I took the chance.  Participating in this group has given me a new confidence I didn’t have before. Hearing other moms’ stories made me realize how normal my own are.

“Nicole set the tone for a supportive and non-judgmental environment that enabled us to honestly share our experiences, and encourage each other.  The topics she chose each week helped to broaden my perspective and awareness of the stage my baby and I are in. I feel stronger and more confident having participated in Mama Bloom.” – Micah Birdwell, mama of Zoe