Intentional Transformation

Becoming a mother or who you are when you welcome another baby, for subsequent mamas, is a deeply transformational time. A 3-month maternity leave or even a year long one cannot fully encompass and hold all that is shifting for a mama who has had a baby, even if it’s her first, second, third, fourth or more!  This time is sacred and significant. I felt completely discombobulated and rearranging each time I’ve had a baby, yet often not sure what was happening or who was talking about it in a way that would help me put myself back together, the newly formed me, with this new little one present and the newest variation of our family. Over the years through various sources, I’ve come to realize the profound re-shuffling of a parent’s being and the sense of disorientation is so that they can integrate this new child and instead of fearing or fighting that process, the power in surrendering to it and learning to use it as a launching point for intentional transformation.

That is part of the reason I am drawn to work with mothers during this period is because it can be so inherently transformative.  As a life coach seeking growth and transformation for people, I find that people want to grow and change to thrive but finding organic, resonant deep transformation can be a challenge for various reasons and yet this season is so ripe for it, if cultivated in an intentional way.

That is another part of the heart of Mama Bloom and the individual coaching I offer is to have tools to intentionally transform, individually and together. As a mama with a new baby, your life is not the same, that is your new reality and yet often we are expected to forge ahead just like we were before and yet we are not the same.

So this entire blog will be focused on ways to encourage this transformational process. For now, I begin to invite you into this process just by the simple act of naming and by validating these changes. And to say, it’s okay if you feel weird, unlike yourself, disoriented, this is normal, you are transforming, and you are being rearranged. For today, begin with validating yourself about this big change and inviting curiosity and non judgement into what is here now.  Begin to believe you are going to find your way and it’s going to be worth it! Stay tuned for more… xo, Nicole