Why A Coach?

why a coach nicole mccharenMy life was dramatically changed by a coach. I had been a mom for a few years but was looking for greater fulfillment.

My coach helped me uncover my values, my core identity and helped move me forward in a way where fear couldn’t hold me back.

I was so inspired at the accessibility of coaching and the way it  brings my best and strongest self forward. This work was born out of these experiences.

Coaching believes that the client seeking coaching is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

Therefore the coach is not the expert of the client’s life, the client is!

A coach dreams and believes in you and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. I love empowering mamas to find their way, their own expertise, and their own resources in whatever they are facing. I am trained in co-active coaching which means the power in coaching is the dynamic nature of the coach and client working together to evoke transformation in the client’s life.

Coaching is all about bringing the best version of the client’s self forward to bring greater fulfillment and fresh perspectives.

Coaching is accessible and the coaching relationship is something that is designed together in a powerful peer to peer partnership to further evolve and manifest as much of the client’s potential as possible.

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