Why a group?

Why a group?

Pregnancy, birth, and raising a small human are deeply complex and spiritually weighty transformative acts. Often it feels like the power in all of this is relegated to baby showers about receiving baby stuff, anxiety ridden google searches to gain more information on how to do this, or shallow connections around logistics and schedules leaving a mom isolated, confused, and longing for something more but not sure where to find it.

All of this information and stuff is good, and needed, but if anything it is overemphasized. We as a society and community are missing the mark in preparing people to embark on these incredibly transformative journeys that impact the WHOLE person, the whole couple and ultimately is the birth of a family.

What do mamas really need? What do babies really need? I would love to see a shift in our community to truly begin to recognize and honor these huge transitions, these huge needs, and have more honest conversations about what it takes to be nourished in this season of your life.

I’ve been walking with mamas in many different ways since 2003 as a social worker, doula, and life coach. I am passionate about this transition and about bringing deeper levels of nourishment to mamas on a whole person level. I’ve been running mama groups off and on since 2003 and more officially in my own business as Mama Bloom since 2016. And I feel a real simple but important question arises in this work I do with new mamas and new families—why a group?

I sense hesitation in understanding why it’s important. I sense fear in the vulnerability of meeting new people and potentially very different people than you. I also think there are a lot of stereotypes of groups and/ or fears that it will not be a safe place especially if misled or too open, leaving the more dominant personalities of the group to take over. I could see myself thinking, want to go hear this one random person I don’t know talk the whole time? Nope, not me. Or I often hear things like, “I thought it would only be crunchy, cloth diapering mamas so I wasn’t sure I would belong.” We intentionally craft groups for ALL the mamas, no matter who you are or what you do and we honor each mama even in our differences.

So, why a group? Why Mama Bloom?

We need each other, it’s that simple. We have a deep inner need for connection and belonging that our soul craves within life and motherhood. In this tender season, we need to know we are not alone, that we can belong even amongst our differences, and that we have a collective group watching out for us as we watch out for our little ones. I would add that that sense of group care helps dispel anxiety for mamas which seems almost like a sure thing for most mamas these days.

My longing is that mamas truly know, “You are not alone.” I’ll never forget when a beautiful mama in our group, shared about the first time she attended and shared a mothering story from her life and experienced what she called, “the collective nod.” The collective nod is the nodding the entire group does in resonance and understanding when a mama shares something that they relate to. This collective nod helped her feel less alone in her experience and she said she often went back to it during the week, reminding herself that other mamas experience the same things.

It is a courageous act to join a group and yet I invite you to embrace your courage and vulnerability and enter in and I truly believe it will be worth it!