Why life coaching?

Coaching changes lives, coaching is a powerful container for intentional transformation through powerful questions, curiosity, intuition, the dynamic dance between the coach and client, and the power to bring forth the best in every person.

First, I invite you back to 2014, I am a stay at home mom with three children under 5, sneaking chocolate (so my kids can’t see it and demand it) in the closet regularly and drinking lots of coffee to fuel my exhaustion and sleep deprivation, losing my temper way more than I want to admit, and feeling dissatisfied and overwhelmed, like I’m at the whim of my children, my tiny children, who undoubtedly are looking to me for love and consistent leading of them.  Yet the reality is, I’m having a hard time leading myself. At this point, they are 5, 2 and a baby. I’m working off and on part time as a doula but overall very inconsistently.

I end up reaching out to a coach friend after perusing her website and noticing that she worked with clients around food. I had been emotionally eating way too much and felt the sense that I was stuffing my emotions, needs, and everything with food but didn’t know how to get out of that. Food can easily be my buffer against my own negative emotions and its accepted way more easily and readily available.

So, I begin to meet with this coach regularly and over the course of our time together, everything begins to shift. One of the most powerful exercises we did was value work, really asking the question, what makes me come alive? What values nourish and feed my soul? As we began to explore this, I began to see that I had limited myself and was not honoring some of my most important values. I was also only deriving joy out of food. We went on a journey of unlocking these values and weaving them practically into my life and through that process and the realization that transformation was a primary value, relating to my purpose, I began to see my desire to train as a coach despite my own fears.

I began training as a coach in 2015 with Coaches Training Institute which specializes in the Co-Active Model, with a focus on how we BE, how we DO and the dance between the coach and client. I certified as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) in 2016.  Through coaching, something unlocked within me to risk more, to bring forth my deepest purposes, to lead, and to create authentically. It gave me ownership of my life and instead of feeling at the whim of my children, I began to take charge of my life, my role as a mother, and see my own possibilities and make choices.

I share this because I want to share my own journey of transformation and why coaching is so important to me but I also really want people to understand what coaching is and what it is not. These are some of the reasons I love coaching. Coaching feels accessible and explorative to me, coaching believes that the client is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole and that the answers are right there within them, the coach is not the expert but the client is, so the relationship is about bringing forth the client’s greatness, their own inner knowing, and fostering that to inform the client’s life and choices. Coaching is BOLD, daring, dynamic, and creative. Coaching helps people expand and grow and overcomes fears and staying small. If you are looking for a transformational container, coaching can change your life! I offer sample complementary sessions if you want to explore what coaching is like, don’t hesitate to reach out. Xo, Nicole